Let us help you discover your dream design!

We offer a variety of services for clients looking to share some or all of their design journey with us. We would be honored to be your guide and advocate from discovering your design vision and what inspires you to the finishing touches on a picture perfect space for you to call home. When you want to add beauty and functionality to your home, we offer a variety of design services to help uncover your vision and bring it to life. When you need to transform a house to a home in the mind of a buyer, we offer comprehensive real estate staging services. Ultimately, you inspire us and we're so excited you're here.


Our full service design offers a beginning to end service to reinvent a portion of your home. We combine what inspires you with the functional needs of the space to create a clear vision. You will receive hands on guidance in selecting elements like flooring, furniture, and accessories, including access to designer exclusive shopping. We handle order logistics, installation, and advocate with contractors and tradespeople on your behalf.

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Our Real Estate Staging provides listing agents and home buyers with a fast, no-hassle way to help buyers visualize themselves in their new home, decreasing time on market and increasing sale price. We value our relationships with our agents and take pride in providing the ability to create a beautiful, purchase-worthy staged space.



This option is for those who want to take the traditional interior design route - where we come up with a concept

and execute from start to finish.

Getting Started

In this step, we gather everything we need to inspire you with our preliminary design concept including a color scheme, mood board, key fabrics, furniture selections and budget estimates.

Design Advocate

In this step, we create purchase orders, track orders, assess lead time, and make decisions whether or not to re-select any back orders or discontinued items that may delay the project.

Phase Completion

In this step, construction and renovation is completed and all furniture and accessories are installed. The space is created! It is time to wrap up this project and begin dreaming about the next!


This option is for those who  need to transform a house to a home in the mind of a buyer.

Getting Started

The Real Estate Staging Association found homes which are staged before going on the market sell 73% faster, on average, than their non-staged counterparts. A study of more than 4,200 homes found 85% of staged homes saw at least a 6-25% increase in the sale price than homes in the same market that were not professionally staged. 


Our initial consultation is a brief phone conversation we use to learn more about your needs and goals of the space. At the end of the initial consultation we will arrange access to the home for a staging consultant.

Design Advocate

A consultant will enter the home for a short period to assess the space and determine what needs to be completed.

We provide a detailed proposal with  budget and an estimated time frame. The proposal and process will look different for owner occupied and vacant homes. The next few pages should help to highlight the differences of staging  owner occupied homes and vacant stagings. 

Prior to the staging we will provide ‘homework’ to prepare the space in our owner action plan. The next page offers more details on what the Owner Action Plan contains and the options we offer to help complete it.

Phase Completion

This is the big step when the owners items are arranged, supplemented, and styled for a beautiful and inspiring finish. We offer assistance with some or all aspects of the project to transform the home into a space clients can easily envision as theirs. We will make sure everything looks good to you and tweak the staging. We can arrange after pictures. We will follow up in a couple of weeks for any small adjustments based upon buyer feedback.